Is My Personal Injury Severe Enough to Hire a Law Firm

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We often think of personal injury attorneys as necessary only after major accidents and injuries. However, a minor car crash can result in relatively minor injuries that still affect your work, and resultantly, pay. Or a slip and fall can result in a seemingly minor condition – that continues or worsens over time. This is why it is wise to speak with a personal injury lawyer after any incident where negligence is at play. This is not so you can immediately “go to court,” but so you can be prepared should you need to enter litigation.

If you are wondering if your injury is severe enough to hire a law firm, we recommend speaking with a lawyer so that your situation can be assessed and guidance can be given. Most attorneys, including Cohen & Newmark, PLLC, offer free consultations so that you can know your options and move forward with the best information. However, we offer the below considerations when deciding whether your injury is severe enough to hire a law firm.

Is Your Injury Severe Enough to Hire an Attorney?

When considering whether an injury warrants litigation, the concept of injury shifts from bodily injury to the results of bodily injury. Meaning, what are the results of your injury? Personal injury lawsuits require an injury severe enough, and damages high enough, to warrant taking legal action. In everyday terms: can you show damages such as lost wages or employment? Or, can you show long-term medical bills? Even if your injury is relatively minor – like a broken leg (a very common car accident injury) – the unforeseen and long-term damages that could result may be severe and therefore warrant an attorney’s help.

Not Sure About Your Injury After an Accident?

Speaking with an attorney can help you navigate post-accident protocol to ensure your needs are and will be met. For example, an attorney experienced in personal injury will be able to recommend doctors and specialists with experience in injury patients. Not only will they know what to look for, injury-wise, after an accident, they will be able to help you navigate the insurance paperwork and prescribed treatment plan.

Even if Your Injury is Minor, You May Want to Hire an Attorney if:

You are unable to pay for medical treatment

Car accident injuries carry enormous financial burdens. From the physical damage to your car to the lost time at work, and the bills that accumulate over the following months, financial obligations can pile up after an accident. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the obstacles presented, hiring an attorney can help ensure insurance companies come through with enough compensation to cover your expenses. Further, your lawyer can help you receive the treatment you need without having to pay until your insurance money does come through.

The insurance company says you are liable for the accident

Insurance companies are notorious for following protocols that look out for their interests first. This includes questioning liability after an accident. For example, an insurance company may say you didn’t report your injury soon enough after an accident – or say you made the injury worse by delaying treatment. It is wise to hire an attorney in these situations, even if your injury is minor, to act as your advocate and ensure your treatments are covered.

The insurance company won’t your injury seriously

Insurance companies have their best interests at heart. Once an agency pays out for treatment, they are uninterested in knowing if it worked and reluctant to fund additional treatments if it did not. Hiring a personal injury attorney experienced in dealing with insurance companies will help you navigate the pushback from these insurance providers.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

It is imperative to hire a personal injury attorney/law firm that is experienced in navigating insurance agencies. Even with minor injuries, major bills may make their way into your mailbox. Paired with lost wages, the burden may increase. Cohen & Newmark PLLC is devoted to personal injury law and takes great pride in providing clients with professional legal representation when they need it most. Free consultations allow potential clients to understand their options, without risk, and contingent fees mean they can rely on an advocate (our firm) without risk. 
If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, reach out to us. We look forward to working together to get you the compensation and results you deserve.

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