Our Approach

impeccable service and worthwhile results

Cohen & Newmark is dedicated to providing impeccable service and worthwhile results. To do so, we rely on a team of individuals who serve different areas of each case, and members who ensure transparency and fluidity. As a client, you will have regular access to - and contact with - your attorney, your case manager, and others representing you in your case. This ensures the free flow of information and forward movement of your case.

As a client of Cohen & Newmark, you will receive regular case updates. We know that you are going through a stressful time, and dedicate our time to helping you overcome your situation. You are also encouraged to call us whenever you have questions or concerns. We want you to rest assured in our representation and focus on your healing.

The diverse range of experience that our team holds helps us approach and manage a wide range of cases. Years of experience allow for smooth navigation of the systems that surround each case - from insurance companies to government agencies, bureaucracies, and the court system itself. We pride ourselves on our experience, capabilities, and relationships with the agencies that will support a positive resolution to your case.

We look forward to meeting you and working together.

Justice is our everlasting mission. 
At Cohen & Newmark PLLC. we pride ourselves on providing our clients 
with the most professional legal representation during their time of need. Cohen & Newmark PLLC. has a national reputation for successfully helping victims obtain justice.

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