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We are proud to share the testimonials of past clients and hope they will help you in your decision to hire a personal injury attorney. If you are facing the aftermath of an accident, we are here to help. See what these past Cohen & Newmark clients had to say about their experience.

“Unfortunately for us, I was the parent who got that call they never want to receive! After speaking with my daughter and hearing that she was ok but her car was totaled, my next question was, who do I call to assist legally? I did not hesitate to call Lee.

While we are family friends, that does not guarantee my business. I needed the best and knew that, with him on my side, I could focus solely on my daughter's mental and physical health and let him handle the rest. We got constant updates and explanations along the way, which let me focus on my daughter, which was all we cared about!

Further, Lee reached a settlement for us, but mentioned going back one more time. In doing so, he got us about 30% more - which meant a lot to us!! Do not hesitate to help yourself in the best way and call Lee.”

- Brett N.

“Lee Cohen has now represented my family and me for two different accidents. He has been absolutely amazing with both of them. No matter how big or small the accident, he was equally attentive through each of my cases. There is no other attorney I would want to use after having Lee by my side!”

- Lara S.

“If you have not yet seen the upbeat and innovative “1 800 CALL-LEE” commercials, after reading my review, you will. And then you’ll say to yourself, “Ohhh, right”.

I live in Delray Beach and not only have I seen Lee’s commercials, but he is on a billboard on Atlantic Ave, close to 95.

I was foot-on-the-brake stopped at the Atlantic Ave exit on the turnpike when a cement truck torpedoed into the rear of my husband’s big body Mercedes, in which I was transporting two of my best friends. I will not describe the catastrophic damage, but suffice to say my vehicle was totaled and the physical devastation included surgeries, body casts, traumatic brain injury, and months upon months of rehabilitation. To look at the accident scene pictures would make anyone question whether any of the Mercedes’ passengers were still alive. Fortunately, we all are.

Several thoughts flashed into my mind in the aftermath of the accident. Immediately, I knew I needed to call for help: 911, my husband, my children, those of my passengers - and I knew I desperately needed legal representation as I was not at all at fault and immediately wanted that truth to be cemented {No pun intended}.

I had heard the loud and clear message to “CALL LEE” when in personal injury trouble, so that is exactly what I did.

I was released from the hospital and immobile due to pain and intense fear and Lee visited me at my home the next day. He was gentle, well-spoken, and extremely knowledgeable and clear when answering my many, “What comes next?” questions. Lee NEVER failed to answer/return my calls, was beyond supportive and encouraging, and always guided my expectations realistically. His partner and assistant attorney were ALWAYS available to answer questions which I often repeatedly asked (TBI) and could not have made me feel more like a member of the team.

Ultimately, of course, I settled. All three attorneys attended the mediation and explained all procedures thoroughly. I am happy with my settlement, as were my attorneys. It was fair and in my favor, as it should have been.

My best advice to anyone who finds themselves personally injured: if in the moment you do not remember anything else, remember the extremely important message:
1 800 CALL LEE
Full stop.”

- Heidi Ovits

Justice is our everlasting mission. 
At Cohen & Newmark PLLC. we pride ourselves on providing our clients 
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