What Car Passengers Should Do If They’re Injured in an Auto Accident


As a passenger in a vehicular accident, you are absolutely entitled to compensation for injuries and damages. While navigating the claims process after an accident may seem daunting, an experienced car accident attorney can help you navigate insurance companies and claims with ease.

In Florida, there are two ways to cover the expenses you may incur after a car accident.
As Florida is a no-fault state, injured drivers and passengers typically file claims with their own personal injury protection (PIP) to receive compensation regardless of who lies at fault in the crash. If the passenger does not own their own car, then the insurance company representing the driver the passenger was riding with will pay for damages/losses.

However, if the passenger wants to pursue a liability claim against the driver at fault, their injuries must be regarded as serious. Qualifiers for the term serious include:

  • Permanent limitation to a body part (internal and external)
  • Significant limitation of a bodily function/system
  • Bone fractures/breaks
  • The injured to be on disability for 90 days or more

In order to file a claim against the driver’s insurance company, the passenger must be able to prove negligence.

The following notes are steps to take after a car accident. They will help you move through the claims process and bolster your chances to receive a fair settlement.

  1. Get contact and insurance information from everyone involved in the car accident If you decide to file a liability claim against the driver at fault, you will need insurance information to do so. Once the claims process determines which driver is at fault, you will have the information to move forward with your claim.
  2. Obtain the police report for proof/support of fault.
    A copy of the police report will help solidify your claim. Information and images will help show fault and damages.
  3. Call a personal injury attorney.
    An attorney can help you navigate post-accident legal tape, injury treatments, and work to get you compensation for your injuries while you focus on healing.
  4. See a doctor
    Visit a doctor who specializes in recognizing and treating common post-accident injuries. In the aftermath of a crash, involved parties often fail to identify injuries right away. Documenting and treating them are important for your health, as well as any future claims.
  5. Save receipts and bills related to injury/damage
    If you will be seeking damages for injuries, treatments, and damages incurred, save documentation of their cost so that your attorney can file them with the claim.
  6. File an Injured Passenger Claim after the accident
    Similar to the drivers’ car accident claims, the injured passenger claim follows the same protocol. Your attorney can help you fill this out as well as file it with the appropriate agencies.

The auto accident attorneys and legal team at Cohen & Newmark PLLC are dedicated to helping individuals in the aftermath of accidents. The team works aggressively to make sure Florida car accident victims are fairly compensated for their damages so that they can make a full recovery, medically and financially. To speak with an attorney experienced in vehicle accidents and claims, reach out online or call us at 1-800-CALL-LEE.

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