The Link Between Drunk Driving and Football


Football season is among us. Most people look forward to the crisp fall air, getting together with friends, and the touchdown cheers. Whether you’re having a couple of beers during a tailgate or a cocktail or two at a friend’s Super Bowl party, the season also comes with increased alcohol consumption, which can lead to an increase in drunk driving.

Studies show that alcohol-related arrests increase during football season. According to researchers at University of Minnesota, people under the age of 35 are eight times more likely to be legally drunk than other attendees, and fans who tailgate in the parking lot before the game were the worst offenders. They were 14 times more likely to leave a game intoxicated. If you’re attending a game soon, follow these tips:

  • Plan ahead for when you want to leave
    • If you’re abstaining from drinking, it’s important to stay away from potential drunk drivers. Give yourself time to leave before or after the larger crowds head out. Staying off the busiest roads on your way home will also be the safer option.
  • Choose a designated driver
    • If you plan on drinking, make sure you have a way to get home without driving. Many venues will give designated drivers free non-alcoholic beverages in exchange for driving someone home safely.
  • Request an Uber, Lift, or taxi
    • The amount of money that you’ll spend on the Uber, Lyft, or taxi ride is nothing in comparison to what a DUI charge or accident will cost you. If you don’t have enough money, you could also take public transportation.

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